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Competitive and convenient "end-of-life" Relay Replacements from ZETTLER Relays HK.

Product Spotlight, December 2020.

ZETTLER Relays HK continues to be a highly competitive source for relays supporting a wide spectrum of applications such as HVAC, Industrial, Motor Control, Power Controls and Food Services. As a market leader in the PCB relay component industry, we also offer highly convenient replacement "drop-ins" for competitive relays that have recently been or are in the process of being discontinued.

A few years ago, Omron discontinued their G8P and G5LA series relays, and recently TE Connectivity discontinued their T9 relay. Now Panasonic has announced "end-of-life" for their JS1, JTN and JTV relay series - all without replacements.

Our AZ943, AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280 series are suitable replacement “drop-ins” and we are here to stay with these series. Please see below for the discontinued competitors’ series and the ZETTLER series crosses (with hyperlinks).


Panasonic JS AZ943 JTN AZ2100 & AZ2150 JTV AZ2150

Omron G8P AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280 G5LE AZ943

TE T9 AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280

Please contact all your customers and let them know ZETTLER is here to support you and your customer's designs. For crossing and quoting please contact your direct ZETTLER salesperson.

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