On Thursday, November 6th, 2012, Nicole Islam and Anissa Segura produced the season finale of the live broadcast show “Thrifty Treats.” “Thrifty Treats” is hosted Dyana Ortiz and Emily Hartman. With the cameras and microphones already set up from a previous broadcast, the show went on at 3:45pm, and the show lasted almost twenty minutes. Today’s show was about healthy foods to snack on whilst studying for finals for college students. Hartman opened the show underscoring the importance of orange juice, suggesting it as a healthy alternative to coffee. She then demonstrated live how to make the perfect Greek yogurt (hint: it requires quite a bit of honey) and later utilized Greek yogurt for another filling snack. Hartman also demonstrated how to make makeshift garlic bread, garlic bread that smelled so good, the entire studio got hungry from the smell of it. Finally, they said their last goodbyes until the next season. Be sure to catch “Thrifty Treats” next season!

#1.2801834:2831478757.jpg:TT120612:Co-host Emily Hartman pours extra honey on her Greek yogurt on the set of Thrifty Treats.:(C) Nicole Islam, Thrifty Treats 2012