General Purpose Relay from American Zettler Features Unparalleled UL Performance Ratings

AZ576 - MINIATURE GENERAL POWER RELAYA new electromechanical relay series from American Zettler (AZ576) shows best-in-class performance ratings for applications in Appliance, Lighting, Controls and other Industries – “More power, more cycles, at higher temperatures”

Aliso Viejo, Calif., November 6, 2015 – “More power, more cycles, and at higher temperatures” – these are the ever increasing expectations of engineers for relay characteristics used in applications for the appliance, lighting, controls and similar industries.

With its new AZ576 relay series, American Zettler is responding to those demands and has unveiled a product that establishes a new best-in-class standard in terms of UL performance ratings in every one of these categories.

At 277 VAC, the AZ576 relay outperforms any competitive general purpose rlay with ratings of 20A for 30K cycles at 85 degrees C, or 17A for 100K cycles at 105 degrees C respectively. General purpose, pilot duty, HP, inductive, and TV loads round out the top UL ratings of this series. Coil voltages range from 3 to 110VDC, and Class F insulation (155 degrees C) is standard. Pin spacing is an industry-standard 5.0mm, and future versions will have a 3.5mm spacing option. Operate time is typically less than 8ms, and release time is typically less than 4ms. A 5kV coil-contact dielectric strength and a 10kV surge resistance mean that the AZ576 is robust enough for even highly susceptible applications.

A latching version is planned in 2016 for energy management and lighting customers.

“Despite of these peerless performance ratings we have managed to keep production cost very low through Zettler’s scale and high automation levels.” said Patrick Millet, National Sales Manager of American Zettler, Inc. Pricing for the AZ576 starts at $0.70 in10K quantities.

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About American Zettler, Inc.
American Zettler, Inc., a Zettler Group company, produces over fifty different types of relays to meet the many requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Because of their high reliability, American Zettler relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including telecommunication and security systems, solar inverters and electric vehicle charging equipment, home appliances, lighting and energy management controls, HVAC/R, industrial controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment. Additionally, American Zettler works closely with a computerized distribution network with stocking facilities in virtually every major industrial area in the world.

Lighting remains “a bright spot” with new ballast ratings on American Zettler relays

Aliso Viejo, CA – March 26, 2014 – American Zettler is continuing to make 2014 a defining year by announcing a host of new ratings on relays targeted at the lighting industry. Zettler established a trend when founder Alois Zettler orchestrated the first outdoor lighting show for King Ludwig II in 1884. Coupling his light show with music, he created a new future for entertainment…and lighting! With a lighting resume that dates back more than a century, it should come as no surprise that even today, American Zettler remains on the forefront of relay design for the industry.

Responding to customer demands and the requirements from an ever changing industry, AZ has not only improved ratings on relay industry mainstays, like the AZ2150, but we have also accelerated the development of new relays including the AZ2501L. Here is just a taste of what’s new:

AZ2150: 20A@120/277VAC (NO contact),
magnetic ballast

AZ932: 8.3A@120VAC,
3.8A@277VAC (NC contact),
electronic ballast, 16A@347VAC for magnetic ballasts

AZ2501L: 16A @ 277 VAC (NO contact) for electronic ballasts and
20A @ 277 VAC for magnetic ballast. 

To tap into Zettler’s rich history in the “brightest